100 MIGRATORY in Glass Magazine

Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi

Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi

100 MIGRATORY is featured in GLAS – Architecture Design Environment Technique; a magazine for the Glass Industry Association no. 1 2013 on page 38-39. The image is from the local journey of the hundret glass vessels to the Ulldevis mountains in February 2012. It should soon be an article on www.tidningenglas.se about the organisation I am a member of called Glass Academy – the Swedish glass artists and designers. The article will refer to the image in the paper magazine.

I know this image is a press photo belonging to the project 100 MIGRATORY, yet I am persistent to tell media that the photographers namne should always be written along the photo. That is not done in this magazine so I write it here.
Photo by Carl-Johan Utsi.

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