Ireland for no.68

There are mountains and countries and people. There are Sami people living all over the world and one of them is Kristina Skum from Ammarnäs. She is living in Arkow in Ireland with her family and have been looking after glass vessel no. 68 for half a year. In the slideshow you can see images from the vessel in her house amongst other precious things, it’s an image from the plane arriving to Dublin in September 2012 and images from the Wicklow Mountains National Park from the 23rd of February 2013. You can also see the lake Lough Tay in Sallygap, sometimes called Guinness lake partly because it looks like a Guinness as well as the fact that the Guinness family own land down by the shore.

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My personal favourite is the image of no.68/100M in front of the Glendalough Monastery with St Kevins church and the thousand year old round tower in the background. Saint Kevin founded the monastery around year 500 A.D. It is something with houses built by stones and this image brought me back two decades ago when my husband and I owner built a cottage in Australia, out of stones and rammed earth.

All photos: Kristina Skum

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