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Vessel no. 37 has arrived to the Swedish Embassy in Nigeria and information about the project – as the text below –  is to be found in their Newsletter_Nigeria

artproject 100 MIGRATORY

100 MIGRATORY – an extensive, both local and world-wide art project initiated by Monica L Edmondson – explores issues such as identity, origin, allegiance and migration. A hundred glass vessels, all individually made by the artist herself, depart on a journey, starting in the vast, winter-white mountains of Sápmi – Sameland in the north of Sweden. From there the vessels migrate on their journeys to different countries, environments and cultures.

The forms of glass vessels – used as a metaphor for ourselves – stress the importance of a secure warm nucleus in the life of every individual. At the same time 100 MIGRATORY emphasise the value of venturing out of original security in order to gain understanding and respect for others.

The Swedish Embassy in Nigeria has received one of these vessels of glass, part of 100 MIGRATORY, to exhibit for half a year. The vessel is meant to initiate curiosity about the form and the use of glass as a material, about worldwide indigenous issues including our own Sámi heritage as well as issues about democracy and human rights.

100 MIGRATORY will be exhibited in the Museum of Västerbotten in Umeå Sweden during the European Capital of Culture year of 2014. All hundred glass vessels as well as images and stories from their respective journeys will be part of the art installation. The dancer and choreographer Carmen Olsson will also create a performance in response to the project.

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