Yogjakarta Indonesia, tuberculosis and vessel no. 44

Below you can read this wonderful story of vessel no 44 travelling with medical student Magdalena Forsberg to central Java Indonesia.

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The Journey of Vessel no 44:

The vessel was carefully packed in the backpack, travelled for 4 days before finally reaching the place that would be home for a month – Yogjakarta, central Java, Indonesia – a highly muslim region with many Christians as well as some Hindus. The purpose of the journey was a medical student’s research project about tuberculosis in Indonesia. The country ranks the 4th highest in the world Tb prevalence with its 600.000 cases and probably many more unknown!

Image 1 is from the vessel’s normal place, working as a stand for tooth brush, comb and sun screen, at the working desk of a student in a room with AC to fight the humid heat entering from outside. Here it stood for many many hours watching, hearing and knowing the student’s questions about the research, and probably itself pondering upon the Tb situation in the country and how to further develop control against this lung disease. Many hours of the sun shining in, many hours of the rain pouring down, many hours of people passing by , many hours of the bell’s ringing from the “Warung” (street food stall) wagon passing by, many hours of the minarets/mosques songs from all over Yogjakarta…

Vacation came and the vessel was stored again in the bag…for 2 weeks: Image 2.

We continued our journey, this time to the neighboring town Solo /Surakarta. The vessel now watched and heard many philosophic thoughts of a confused human being at a somewhat clean hotel room. The pondering now shifted a bit from Tb to life in a broken world.

Image 3 was taken at a banana tree up the hills outside Solo, travelling in a car through tea plantations together with some young Indonesian medical students curious about life in Sweden, dreaming about travelling the world like this vessel…

Image 4 was taken with the same young Muslim med- students holding the vessel up in front of a Hindu temple outside of Solo, all happy about being a part of a Migratory art piece travelling from Sweden to Indonesia and back again.

Photographer: Magdalena Forsberg

Main points from this vessel’s journey:

Different beliefs and faiths meeting together respectfully!

Students from around the world meeting in and outside of the academic world in different settings!

Tuberculosis and its control in Indonesia!

Dreams of travelling!

Curiosity of meeting a new culture and sharing its own!

Good luck no 44 on this journey to 100 Migratory!

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