Early on, before I started to send my vessel out to the world, I got this letter from Canada:

My name is Jo Hanson and I live in a small village (Spring Lake) in Alberta, Canada.  My Father was born in a house named Lerbecken, near Ronneby, Sweden in 1923.  His parents came to Canada with him when he was 3 years old.  He is currently living in a nursing home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Several of his uncles worked as glass blowers, glass seems to be in our blood!!

Jo became the caretaker of glass vessel no. 78. In one of the images you can see Jo with her daughter Tanya and granddaughter Samantha. Other images from around her house and from her quilting studio as well as a photo on a stool that came from Norway, that Jo’s grandmother made the crazy quilt on top of. Thanks heaps to Jo!

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