New Caledonia and 15 Swedish embassies

This coming autumn I will start to send out vessels part of the art project 100 MIGRATORY. Today I have 15 Swedish embassies around the world that will receive a vessel of glass as a loan for up to half a year. Spain, Hungary, Brazil, Chile, Serbia, India, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Iceland, Australia, Japan, Mali, Belgium, Czech Republic – and more to come. Some embassies will display their vessel in conjunction with events including Swedish art or crafts or themes concerning migration and globalisation (USA 2013).

Photo: John Erling Utsi

Several private persons and business companies will also look after glass part of 100 M. Vessel no. 16  is first out on a tour with photographer and filmmaker John Erling Utsi around Tikopia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Image here with three beautiful ladies on a small island Ile des Pins, New Caledonia.

Vessel no. 17 will be carried “by foot” over the mountains from Ritsem to Tysfjord , to be displayed at the home of Nikolaisen Kuoljok as well as Árran LulesamiCenter in Drag Norway.

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