Lost In America!

Vessel no. 45 has been lost from the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC for almost a month. Finally it was found and – in exchange to Kosta Boda glass – no.45 could return back to the embassy. Remind me of  ‘Lost In America’ by Alice Cooper’ 😉

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When I made the first contacts with the embassy in 2012 we realized something quite thrilling. The Public Diplomacy Theme for the Swedish embassy in the US 2013 was “Globalization & Migration”. Just like one of the issued explored in my art project 100 MIGRATORY. We tried to work out a way for 100 MIGRATORY to take part in the actual program in the US that year, but economical and practical issues stopped those plans. Yet, 100M was part of the official program of the embassy during the first half of 2013 and vessel no.45 became a symbol for their meetings and discussions.

And the story about the lost vessel? Well, no.45 returned in one piece to Tärnaby today- and who knows what really happened during the time it was lost from the Embassy of Sweden…

Read the wonderful story written in Swedish by vessel no.45 Min berättelse 45/100

Many thanks to the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC and specially Jenny Mählqvist!

All photos by Paulina Rehbinder.

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