100 MIGRATORY @ SUPERMARKET Stockholm 2022

100 MIGRATORY is currently on display at SUPERMARKET- Stockholm Independent Art Fair 26-29 May 2022, presented by ÖSKG/Tjörnedala Konsthall. The art project will take part in the coming exhibition later this autumn titled “Máttaráhkko och jag” together with other female artists from Sábme/Sápmi.

Nominations: Grandprize 2015 & Årets Västerbottning 2014

I have been nominated to two prestigious prizes:

Grandpriset 2015 through Region Västerbotten (a co-operative body which is responsible of regional development issues and growth in Västerbotten County) and Länsstyrelsen (The County Administrative Board of Västerbotten which is a Swedish national authority).

Årets Västerbottning 2014 by the regional newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren


A Crownprincess and 100 MIGRATORY

On Friday I get a visit to my exhibition by the Crownprincess Victoria, her husband Daniel and the Museum Director Ulrica Grubbström. 10 minutes. I wish the glass and the images tell their own story as I’m warned the 70 media representatives – that´s also going to be in my exhibition space that time – might make such a loud noice with their cameras so my visitors might not hear what I say.

Should be fun and kind of a contrast to my ordinary working days as an artist in my glass workshop and studio in an old barn just outside Tärnaby. Lucky enough I sometimes get a visit to my studio in Bäcknäs by Carin and Harry the dog.

Link to article in paper “Så blir Kronprinsessparets helg i Umeå” about the upcoming visit by the Royals to Umeå 2014 European Capital of Culture.

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