Speaker at Future Day in Hemavan Tärnaby

Photo: Marianne Lindgren

Yesterday, the locals around Hemavan Tärnaby had a chanse to get a feel of vessel no. 32/100M as well as a breif glimpse of the expedition of the hundered vessels of glass into the Ulldevis mountains during my presentation at the Future Day. Some of the other speakers were Ola Skinnarmo, the first Swede to reach the North Pole 1998 solo on skis (and the youngest ever) as well as the first Swedish person to ski to the South pole two years later. Peder Karlsson, Joeström Tärnaby, was another speaker. He is living his normal life as a father, husband and schoolteacher in music at the same time he is sleeping 100 nights, in the middle of winter, outdoor under the northern light, in a tent or inside an igloo. I don’t know why, but I found the concept of 100 MIGRATORY fitted in well with the overall program that day…

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