100 MIGRATORY @ SUPERMARKET Stockholm 2022

100 MIGRATORY is currently on display at SUPERMARKET- Stockholm Independent Art Fair 26-29 May 2022, presented by ÖSKG/Tjörnedala Konsthall. The art project will take part in the coming exhibition later this autumn titled “Máttaráhkko och jag” together with other female artists from Sábme/Sápmi.

100 MIGRATORY in New York 2019

Three vessels part of 100 MIGRATORY was exhibitied at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New York City in November 2019. It was vessel no 68/100M, 74/100M and 99/100M as well as “Clear as Crystal V” . Monica L Edmondson was selected as one of the businesses to exhibit  at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New York City in November 2019. The show was initiated by Arctic Design of Sweden – a regional project to introduce high-quality design from the north of Sweden for an international market.

It is a story behind each vessel of glass, sculpture in stone, urban glass façade or wallpaper pattern. It can be a story to remind us of our own – as well as natures’ – fragility and strength, a story which explores questions of identity and migration or a story to connect traditional Sami crafts or local history with art in an urban context. I live in Tärnaby, north-west Sweden where I have my glass studio and workshop.

I was also invited to present my art and the Sami culture at Urban Glass, Brooklyn

Exhibition and artist talk at Konsthallen Luleå

Come and experience part of 100 MIGRATORY at Konsthallen, Kulturens Hus Luleå.
I have 17 vessels and three images by Carl-Johan Utsi part of the show.
Welcome to the opening night Friday the 20th of October at 6 PM.
On Saturday at 2 PM you can hear my presentation about past, present and future work at the same venue.


Link to program here (in Swedish)

100 MIGRATORY in TV documentary 22 Dec 2015

web_arstider100 MIGRATORY is part of the Swedish television documentary Åtta Årstider  by Oskar Östergren the 22nd of December 2015. It is a program in which eight Sami artists talk about their art and their relationship to the eight Sami seasons.

SVT2 och SVT Play 22 Dec 2015 at 7.30 PM
SVT2 24 Dec 2015 at 10.25 AM
SVT2 27 Dec 2015 at 11.00 PM

Nominations: Grandprize 2015 & Årets Västerbottning 2014

I have been nominated to two prestigious prizes:

Grandpriset 2015 through Region Västerbotten (a co-operative body which is responsible of regional development issues and growth in Västerbotten County) and Länsstyrelsen (The County Administrative Board of Västerbotten which is a Swedish national authority).

Årets Västerbottning 2014 by the regional newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren


HAPPY! Swedish Arts Council Literature Funding to book 100 MIGRATORY


I am so happy the book 100 MIGRATORY received Literature funding through the Swedish Arts Council. So now the publishers of my book, DAT , are about to pack and send 287 books to the main libraries around the country.

The book has now sold out and nothing left in stock: I have mixed feelings about that – kind of happysad. If you want a book try Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg (as in image), Museum of Västerbotten Umeå, Ájtte Jokkmokk, Trolltrumman Tärnaby, Gällivare Museum etc

Blog_Rohsska museum

From the Art Council’s webpage:
The Swedish Arts Council provide funding for publishers in Sweden to publish certain newly-produced works of value both in artistic terms and also in respect of cultural policy. The Council also ensures that, through the municipal libraries around the country, the general public can borrow the literature that has received public funding.

Gothenburg Book Fair / Bokmässan 2014

Blog_Umea _Mille Selander-0170

Photo: Mille Selander

I will take part in the Book Fair Gothenburg 25-27 September 2014 with my book 100 MIGRATORY. ISBN 978 82 90625 73 8.
Please come and see me there at booth EO3:11 and I tell you more about the art project and the book:
Thursdag 25 Sep at 10.00 – 13.00
Friday 26 Sep at 10.00 – 14.00
Saturday 27 Sep 10.00-12.00, 14.00-16.00

Cover image: Carl-Johan Utsi

Cover image: Carl-Johan Utsi

100 MIGRATORY book info (english)

100 MIGRATORY bok information (svenska)

Bokrecension NSD 140516

Sami Center of Contemporary Art

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14th of June was the opening night of the exhibition Top of the World and the new Sami Center of Contemporary Art in Karasjok Norway. It was a wonderful night with so many people. It must have been 200 persons there, from near and far, speeches, music and dance performance by Carmen Olsson amongst the glass. I feel very privileged to exhibit parts of 100 MIGRATORY together with these top artists Outi Pieski, Lindsay Seers, Linda Persson, Joar Nango and Roger Mullin. Gijtto Thank you staff and all others who helped out to get it all look so good in the end!


100 MIGRATORY @ Top of the World Karasjok Norway

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You are all very welcome to the opening exhibition at the new gallery at Sámi Dáiddaguovddás / Sami Center for Contemporary Art in Karasjok Norge on Saturday the 14th of June at 6PM. Hope to see you there! The exhibition with my work is there from 14th of June – 20th of July 2014.

More info here!
Mer information om utställningen här

100 MIGRATORY @ Gränshandelsmarknaden Tärnaby

Photo: Mille Selander

Photo: Mille Selander

 100 MIGRATORY in Tärnaby 25-27 July 2014 @ Fokets hus Tärnaby

100 MIGRATORY is coming back to the origin in Tärnaby – to be exhibited in a modified form with images by Carl-Johan Utsi and Mikael Rutberg. The glass will be part of the danceperformance by Carmen Olsson on Saturday and Sunday (info below)

The book 100 MIGRATORY is for sale for SEK 290 (cash only) and postcards for 25 kr/each.

The exhibition 100 MIGRATORY in Tärnaby opening hours:
Friday and Saturday 12 – 5PM, Sunday 12 – 3PM

Buy tickets to the performance “Carmen Olsson dance in 100 MIGRATORY” at the touristinformation in Tärnaby. The performance is on Saturday 26th of July @ 3PM and on Sunday 27th of July @ 1PM

Check Hemavan Tärnaby´s webpage

Link to articel in VK  “Urstarkt och skört”  the 2nd of February 2014 by Sara Meidell – about Carmen and her performance amongst the glass.

Vessel 93 @ home

blog_080I just want to share an image of vessel no. 93/100M that has arrived to a final home with Birgitta Bäckström in Umeå. Good to see!

During the two final exhibitions of 100 MIGRATORY, in a “modified” form, we only use around 80 of the vessels of glass; in Karasjok Norway 14 June – 20 July and in Tärnaby Sweden during Gränshandelsmarknaden 25-27 July. 20 of the vessels are already at there new owners of people living mainly in Umeå.

The rest of you will get “your” vessel of glass sometimes during October/November 2014, after the two exhibitions in Karasjok and Tärnaby.

Book review

My first review of the book 100 MIGRATORY was published in the newspaper NSD 16th of May 2014. I’m happy as it was great feedback all through. The author Jan Bergsten started and finished the article by writing:

“There are art projects and then there are art projects with that something extra…”

“… It is a beautiful book with Monica Edmondson´s beautiful glass vessels and with beautiful images from near and far, from the demonstrations (against mining – my comment) in Kallak Jokkmokk to the desert of Saudi Arabia…”


Book review 100 MIGRATORY in NSD as pdf

Finissage weekend 10-11 May 2014

Last weekend for my show at the Museum of Västerbotten this coming weekend.

I will be there and present the exhibition at 2PM on Saturday the 10th of May. Welcome!

Last chance to see Carmen Olssons dance performance amongst the glass at 4PM on Saturday and Sunday 10 – 11 May.
Free entry – be there in time!

Expressen Kultur 20140505

100 MIGRATORY was present in today´s cultural part of the evening paper Expressen (swedish):
“…The vessels represent vulnerability at the same time something universal…”
Link to article here


Stulet_nr_60This vessel no.60 is the one stolen from the exhibition with my hundred vessels of glass, 100 MIGRATORY, at the Museum of Västerbotten sometimes before the 16th of March. It is signed with my name and as vessel number 60/100M. The exhibition will end 11th of May 2014.

For you that was there…it is the small vessel right up at the front on the right half of the combined podium-stage (as on photo here below from the opening).
Size of the vessel: 14 cm high x 13 cm diameter.

The theft is investigated by the police.


Photo: Hannie Schut

Radio clip link about the theft here!

Opening night of 100 MIGRATORY

Yes, I know I’m late to update about the opening on the 1st of February 2014 at the Museum om Västerbotten Umeå. However, here it is.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is now, when I look at all images from the opening of my exhibition 100 MIGRATORY, I start to realise the grandness of the whole thing. I see people in the photos who attended the opening that I never knew were there. So to all of you I didn’t have the chance to meet: Hallo and thank you for coming!

The opening ceremony started by the Museum director Ulrica Grubbström saying a few words about the exhibition and my book. Then Katarina Rimpi gave us the story of the jojk she performed, a jojk that took some time to get to her. Finally she found the answer sitting in front of the warm fire a cold winterday – Monica´s jojk. I got very emotional listening to Katarina and I had to concentrate for a while at the slideshow on the wall just to avoid getting too “teary” – but it was just so strong. Thank you Katarina, gijtto!

Marika Lagercrantz, Counsellor for Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Sweden in Berlin Germany, gave a touching speech. Marika was one of the abroad recievers of a vessel of glass part of 100 MIGRATORY and she gave a wonderful story of how it was to recieve and keep the glass in Berlin. She also talked about a few stories from other caretakers of a vessel each; from Jenni in Jokkmokk, Ulf at Palma de Mallorca, from Carin at the Embassy of Sweden in Mali. Finally Marika read a poem by Paulus Utsi and Katarina Rimpi was jojking inbetween lines. I know the two of them didn’t make one rehersal of that final performance they gave, as it was just talked briefly about before the opening ceremony – but their performance was like they had worked together for years! Voilà!

From the innermost corner of my heart I want to say thank you to all who attended the opening and to all of you who believed in me and the power of the hundred vessels of glass.

Listen to Kulturradion Special by Kerstin Berggren, a 20 minutes long radioprogram with many of us present at the opening night of 100 MIGRATORY (in swedish). The interviews start 10:30 min into the program.

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