HAPPY! Swedish Arts Council Literature Funding to book 100 MIGRATORY


I am so happy the book 100 MIGRATORY received Literature funding through the Swedish Arts Council. So now the publishers of my book, DAT , are about to pack and send 287 books to the main libraries around the country.

The book has now sold out and nothing left in stock: I have mixed feelings about that – kind of happysad. If you want a book try Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg (as in image), Museum of Västerbotten Umeå, Ájtte Jokkmokk, Trolltrumman Tärnaby, Gällivare Museum etc

Blog_Rohsska museum

From the Art Council’s webpage:
The Swedish Arts Council provide funding for publishers in Sweden to publish certain newly-produced works of value both in artistic terms and also in respect of cultural policy. The Council also ensures that, through the municipal libraries around the country, the general public can borrow the literature that has received public funding.

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