On TV – Glass, images and the Royals @ Opening weekend European Capital of Culture

Photo: Pia Sjögren

The Chinese filmcrew wanted a long interview. Photo: Pia Sjögren

German TV Deutsche Welle from Opening ceremony and weekend of Umeå 2014 European Capital of Culture – first up in the program. Around 5 minutes into the program you can see what I have been up to as well as the opening of 100 MIGRATORY – not my everyday kind of weekend I must say. Link to TV channel Deutsche Welle Euromaxx. Search program from the 3rd of February 2014 at 4.30PM. A program by Outi Turunen.

Local TV Västerbottensnytt from the 3rd of February – 1 minute into the report


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Vessel no. 21 is looked after by Arna Dan Isacsson in Fairbanks Alaska and I just love these images from a day down by the Tanana river with dancing, drumming and story telling by her Yupik friend Marty Naulalria Hintz.

A few Words by Marty to Arna after that day:
“I was so honored to do this and be part of the Migratory Vessel sharing and that was the day my parka will last be used.  As you saw it was very fragile but, what a special day and reason to use it.”

And I have the best Little film-clips from the day – but how do I download them onto this blog?? They are sent to me as an .MOV file…

All photos: Patricia Baer

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