Dance, glass and snow

I don’t really find words rich enough to describe this day up to the mountain Väretsfjället close to Tärnaby and Mittibäcken. The aim of the day on the 15th of February 2013 was to bring 36 glass vessels and dancer and choreographer Carmen Olsson on two snowmobiles up onto the mountain, so Carmen could get a day in the snow to explore movements and dance with the vessels of glass.

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The weather was in a way exactly as I wanted; not too cold, not too windy and not too sunny. A whiteout in the morning so Carmen could experience the feeling of travelling in this white vast landscape where the only reference points were ourselves and the snowmobiles. Then – when everything was setup and Carmen worked most intensively – this opening up of the sky with a visable sun, now looking like a moon, peeking through the clouds. A kind of natures own performance forming the most beautiful backdrop a dancer could ask for.

So I go from clarity to certainty that 100 MIGRATORY really wants to be.

Most of the logistics was organised through Oskar Östergren, who was filming that day for his and Hijvens project 8 seasons – 8 films and all images here is by photographer Mikael Rutberg who also came with us on behalf of the Museum of Västerbotten.

…it was the first day in my life I had warm freshly roasted almonds over an open fire up on the mountain – thanks to Carmen. A day to keep in my heart forever.

Ricklundgården Saxnäs Sweden

Photo: Mikael Rutberg

The first week of October Ricklundgården was the home of dance and glass. Dancer and choreographer Carmen Olsson (Norrlandsoperan) met glass artist Monica L Edmondson – to get an understanding of the thoughts and feelings behind and within Monica´s art project 100 MIGRATORY. Carmen started her work to interpret and reflect on 100 M in movements and dance.

You can experience the final result of the collaboration in a dance performance at the Museum of Västerbotten in winter 2014 as part of Rock Art in Sápmi and Umeå 2014 –the European Capital of Culture.

Photo: Mikael Rutberg

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