100 MIGRATORY in TV documentary 22 Dec 2015

web_arstider100 MIGRATORY is part of the Swedish television documentary Åtta Årstider  by Oskar Östergren the 22nd of December 2015. It is a program in which eight Sami artists talk about their art and their relationship to the eight Sami seasons.

SVT2 och SVT Play 22 Dec 2015 at 7.30 PM
SVT2 24 Dec 2015 at 10.25 AM
SVT2 27 Dec 2015 at 11.00 PM

100 MIGRATORY @ Top of the World Karasjok Norway

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You are all very welcome to the opening exhibition at the new gallery at Sámi Dáiddaguovddás / Sami Center for Contemporary Art in Karasjok Norge on Saturday the 14th of June at 6PM. Hope to see you there! The exhibition with my work is there from 14th of June – 20th of July 2014.

More info here!
Mer information om utställningen här

100 MIGRATORY @ Gränshandelsmarknaden Tärnaby

Photo: Mille Selander

Photo: Mille Selander

 100 MIGRATORY in Tärnaby 25-27 July 2014 @ Fokets hus Tärnaby

100 MIGRATORY is coming back to the origin in Tärnaby – to be exhibited in a modified form with images by Carl-Johan Utsi and Mikael Rutberg. The glass will be part of the danceperformance by Carmen Olsson on Saturday and Sunday (info below)

The book 100 MIGRATORY is for sale for SEK 290 (cash only) and postcards for 25 kr/each.

The exhibition 100 MIGRATORY in Tärnaby opening hours:
Friday and Saturday 12 – 5PM, Sunday 12 – 3PM

Buy tickets to the performance “Carmen Olsson dance in 100 MIGRATORY” at the touristinformation in Tärnaby. The performance is on Saturday 26th of July @ 3PM and on Sunday 27th of July @ 1PM

Check Hemavan Tärnaby´s webpage

Link to articel in VK  “Urstarkt och skört”  the 2nd of February 2014 by Sara Meidell – about Carmen and her performance amongst the glass.

Check this film out – Daelvie/Winter

Photo: Monica L Edmondson

Photo: Monica L Edmondson

I’m honoured to be part of this beautiful first film about 8 Sami artists / seasons, together with Carmen Olsson and Magnus Andersson. Thanks to Oskar Östergren!

Link to film here (scroll down in text on that page) and it is subtitled in English.

ÁHPI – wide as oceans

In the new Music video ÁHPI – wide as oceans by Sofia Jannok you can get a glimpse of vessel no. 36/100M (2:56 into the video) on YouTube. The image in the video was from the 11th September this year during the demonstrations against mining at Gállok Sweden – before the vessel cracked…


99 vessels left…


Slowly gently
all alone
She walked towards the edge last night
in a room
locked and alarmed

I can still see the tracks

She drifted towards the edge and fell
she left a story
a message
in her shattered pieces of glass

It is real now
this threat to our lives
this rape of our Earth
Please be aware
and understand this my friends

She is there now
amongst her people
Rocks and glass
sand soda lime

Glass is fragile
yet forever strong
if looked after
according to its needs

Like a human being
like our nature
Like the Sámi people
like glass

Vessel Thirty-six


Vessel nr.36/100M in pieces at the exhibition Gállok Protest Art, Sámi Duodji, Jokkmokk the 18th of September 2013.
Photo: Jenni Laiti

Text på svenska:

Långsamt försiktigt
vandrade hon mot kanten
i ett låst och larmat rum

Jag kan ännu se spåren

Hon gled mot kanten – hon föll
och kvar blev en berättelse
som ett tecken
i hennes skärvor av glas

Det är på riktigt nu
det här hotet mot livet
den här våldtäkten av vår Jord
Snälla, lyssna och förstå!

Hon är där nu
bland hennes vänner
Sten och glas
sand soda kalk

Glas är skört
samtidigt starkt i all evighet
om det tas omhand
för vad det egentligen är

Som en människa
som vår natur
Som det samiska folket
som glas

Du kärl Trettiosex

Protesting vessel of glass

Gállok 3rd of September 2013. Photo: Matti Holmgren

Gállok 3rd of September 2013. Photo: Matti Holmgren

Mixed feelings of sadness and pride when I see images of vessel no. 36/100M taking part in the demonstrations against mining in the north.

Gállok Protest Art exhibition 11th of September 2013 in Jokkmokk. Photo: Jenni Laiti

Gállok Protest Art exhibition 11th of September 2013 in Jokkmokk. Photo: Jenni Laiti


See article “Gruvkampen har blivit konst” in todays paper – from the opening of the show last night.

TV-clip from SVT Nordnytt “Provmalmen körs från Kallak” 3 September 2013 where you can see vessel no. 36 in the middle of the protests (about 1:15 into the program)

Gállok – Police, excavators, a Maori Princess and a vessel of glass

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Unexpected feelings yesterday of sadness mixed with pride when I saw images of vessel no. 36/100M demonstrating in its own peaceful way against a society without any respect of people and nature. The vessel is made out of glass. Fragile but at the same time forever strong if looked after according to its needs. Like a human being, like our nature, like the Sami people – like glass.

There are many issues talking against a mine at Gállok in the middle of Sábme Samiland, north Sweden, an area close to the World Heritage Site Laponia. The original cause is the fact that the Swedish state continues giving away the land and nature of our country and future generations to shortsighted foreign prospectors that will profit at the expense of the indigenous Sami people, local people and the nature.

I want to discuss one of the issues not so often raised in the debate: it is about the human and personal aspect of the effects of mining in an area used and looked after by the Sami people. We have no ancient photos, old written parchments or previous rock house foundations to prove that we have been here generation after generation. That is because we have looked after our nature, taken care of her and made sure to work in harmony with her without leaving traces behind. That is respect.

Yet, we own a treasure hidden in the mountains and in the hardly seen paths winding through the forest. The treasure is our stories, the verbal histories from the past and from today. The land, the streams, the mountains and that specific rock carry all the stories of my past and with the stories I learn about my history, about how to act in specific situations, how to look at life in general – it’s a cultural heritage woven into the story by the land.

The stories of the past create a feeling of home, a core in life, and a deep connection with previous generations. When I walk the same path my great grandmother walked while I listen to her story of that specific mountain or rock, told by my grandmother, I get a feeling of belonging. Me – today, is part of yesterday. I belong. We belong. And by understanding this I can also look forward with enjoyment and see the future; a future where my children walk the same path as my great grandmother.

I think too many people in our society have lost that natural connection with the past, they can’t see where they come from. They search for identity and meaning and somewhere to belong. If they don’t find it they might make their own artificial world with their own ‘right and wrongs’. That can be fatal.

Please, don’t cut that path of mine and destroy our nature with your large machines, and please don’t stop that river flow. You tear open our souls to nothing then and you get lost people, a lost land and you take away the pride of giving a beautiful world and a meaningful life to future generations.

Erina Rhöse (Maori from New Zealand) said yesterday at Gállok: “You have to hide yourself Mother Earth. You have to hide your treasures and make them invisible for them. You have to make the ore invisible and useless for them. Hide yourself, hide.”

Read more about the different issues of mining in Gállok area close to Jokkmokk in The Detroit News,  The Washington Post,  London Mining network and at the webpage What local people or sign the petition Stop Mining in Jokkmokk. And consider this is only one out of many areas in Sweden interesting for future mining.

You tube related links Gállok by Maxida Märak, Kråkan by Jörgen Stenberg, The Mountain by Maxida Märak & Downhill Bluegrass Band or Gállok by Niillas Holmberg & Roope Mäenpää feat. Ánne Mággá Wigelius. Or listen to Sofia Jannok´s speech at TEDxGateway 2012 Our Rights to Earth and Freedom.

The local TV news Provmalmen körs från Kallak from the demonstrations yesterday with vessel no.36

All photos by Jenni Laiti.

About My People – The Sami people

Have a look at this short info film of 3:30 minutes. It is a story about the Sami people, our history and culture – narrated in a wonderful personal way by screenwriter Åsa Simma. You can also get a glimpse from my studio and when I cut glass to pull canes – which is one part of the working process to make the 100 MIGRATORY glass vessels. Glass with blue rim is no. 66/100M but I’m not 100% sure of the other one…

The film was made as a collaboration between Umeå2014, Kreator, Lampray and Åsa Simma.

Dance, glass and snow

I don’t really find words rich enough to describe this day up to the mountain Väretsfjället close to Tärnaby and Mittibäcken. The aim of the day on the 15th of February 2013 was to bring 36 glass vessels and dancer and choreographer Carmen Olsson on two snowmobiles up onto the mountain, so Carmen could get a day in the snow to explore movements and dance with the vessels of glass.

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The weather was in a way exactly as I wanted; not too cold, not too windy and not too sunny. A whiteout in the morning so Carmen could experience the feeling of travelling in this white vast landscape where the only reference points were ourselves and the snowmobiles. Then – when everything was setup and Carmen worked most intensively – this opening up of the sky with a visable sun, now looking like a moon, peeking through the clouds. A kind of natures own performance forming the most beautiful backdrop a dancer could ask for.

So I go from clarity to certainty that 100 MIGRATORY really wants to be.

Most of the logistics was organised through Oskar Östergren, who was filming that day for his and Hijvens project 8 seasons – 8 films and all images here is by photographer Mikael Rutberg who also came with us on behalf of the Museum of Västerbotten.

…it was the first day in my life I had warm freshly roasted almonds over an open fire up on the mountain – thanks to Carmen. A day to keep in my heart forever.

Jokkmokk Winter Market 2013

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Here some images of vessel no. 64/100M in the hands of Agnes-Máriddjá Rimpi and the Sáminuorra team, just before their  performance at the opening ceremony of the 408th Jokkmokk Winter Market  and the celebration of the Sámi National Day on the 6th of February 2013.

Photo: Mille Selander

Sweden Norway trek with no. 17

We just returned from a marvellous mountain trek along Rádjebálges from Ritsem in Sweden to Sörfjord/Tysfjord in Norway. It was me, my husband Simon and our oldest daughter Aana 11 years old together with our long-time friends Anna, Ingar and Mikkel-Amma (11) from Drag Norway. We brought with us vessel no. 17 on the three days and 42 km backpack trek across the mountains. This vessel no. 17 was not sent across the world by a fast moving fuel consuming airoplane. It was transported by foot on a trek over the mountain which allows plenty of time to see listen feel and think. To seethe beauty of the landscape, to listen to the birds and the water flowing in the rivers and streams. To feel free with no mobile phone network within reach for days and to think – again – about why I want to do this extensive art project.

Sweden Norway border. Photo Anna Kuoljok

I like the thought that this journey, as well as the vessel of glass, can act as a metaphore and symbolic message carrier to bring together friends and relatives in the Sami area of Sweden and Norway. I also think it is important to keep and strengthen the connection between us belonging to the Lule sami area. Many of us have relatives in the two countries, so do I, and I felt very welcome to my first ever visit to Divtasvuodna/Tysfjord.

We need to share the stories we have from the past, of the people and of the landscape. We need to look after ourselves, care for each other and LISTEN to each other, with curiosity and respect. All of us are different individuals and we belong to different family groups, however we share the same culture, language and stories of the past. It is a bit like the vessel of glass, that has it’s individual little square murrinis. Some are alike and some quite different – yet fused together in the same form. However, we need to help each other and be strong enough to act if we for example see signs of violation or abuse, without consideration of loyalty to family or kinship ties. This is not easy within a culture where family and relative ties are strong and go many generations back – but each individual´s human rights has to come first.

Anyway, thanks to family Kuoljok Nikolaisen that suggested this journey “by foot” over the mountains. A trek with a first day of rain followed by two days of sunshine, minus degrees at night, lots of laughs and tired legs. Rádjebálges / Gränsleden is a beautiful track to walk far away from the busy Kungsleden trail on the Swedish side of the mountain range. Yet, make sure you know how to use a map and compass or your GPS as it’s somtimes hard to find. The landscape tells so many stories “that’s where the Germans had their lookout during the 2nd world war and over there is the reindeer milking grounds of my grate grandfather…” and so on.

And bring two 11-year olds if you want entertainment during a trek in the mountains… they were great and so much fun!!

World EXPO 2012 Yeosu South Korea

Last February some of the glass vessels in the art project 100 MIGRATORY was part of the Sámi Design and Fashion Extravaganza show at Icehotel Jukkasjärvi north Sweden. Now the film from Icehotel is going to be on show, by the Swedish Trade Council, at the opening the 12th of May of Världsutställningen World EXPO 2012 at Yeosu South Korea. The film was made by Carl-Johan Utsi.


                  Photo: Sofia Svonni

Show with sixteen vessels part of 100 MIGRATORY at Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. A touch stressful beforehand, however a good show in the end. Thanks to my models; Inga Kemi, Hanna Salomonsson, Birgit Salomonsson and Sara Parfa Svonni. You were all pros!! One image posted now, but better ones to come…

The vessels were no. 6,10,13,15,18,25,34,41,48,53,55,63,64,66,67,74,and 80.

The article in the local paper Norrbottens-Kuriren.

Sami Design and Fashion Extravaganza!!!

Welcome to this design and fashion show at the ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi north Sweden on the 29th of February 2012.

All of you are invited, however Icehotel charge an entry fee of 150 SEK.


The project “Business development in the boundless region of Lapland” presents together with Icehotel Jukkasjärvi Sweden a unique Sami Design and Fashion Extravaganza show, where several of my glass vessels are on display. 

The vessels in the show at Icehotel Jukkasjärvi are part of the extensive art project 100 MIGRATORY- a local and world wide related installation about origin and migration.  100 MIGRATORY will be exhibited at the Museum of Västerbotten in the Cultural City of Europe Umeå 2014. 


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