In my first contacts with the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow Russia I was told that this vessel of glass no. 38/100M was not allowed to hang around outside the embassy area too much. This is an issued shared by many other embassies around the world even if the reason of why might be different.

A good story of this vessel no. 38 is that I got a call from Grafiska sällskapet Gallery at Slussen Stockholm just before the weekend and they recieved a vessel of glass that didn’t belong to them. They figured it might be mine. The person working in the Gallery and calling me that day was the mother of a friend of mine living in Umeå. And my friend Moa happended to go to Stockholm that weekend and promised to bring the glass back.
So yesterday I drove back from Umeå with vessel no. 38, from Russia via Stockholm to Tärnaby, in the back of the car.

The world is small…

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Many thanks to the staff at the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow.

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