Lake Titicaca Peru

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Sometimes I wish I was like the tiny leprechauns Nils Holgersson i the story ‘The wonderful adventures of Nils’ by the Nobel prize in literature author Selma Lagerlöf. Nils – who travelled throughout Sweden on the back of a goose. However, I would have chosen one of my world-wide travelling vessels of glass instead of a goose.

Today I have the pleasure to present images from Lake Titicaca and vessel no.100/100M. The Uru people are pre-Incan people who live on man-made floating islands in Lake Titicaca. The islands are made out of reeds and on each island 2 – 10 families live. The purpose of the island settlements was originally defensive, and if a threat arose they could be moved away from land.

Lake Titicaca is the highest ‘navigable’ lake in world with a surface elevation at 3.812 meters. It is situated on the border between Peru and Bolivia.

Many thanks to Gunilla and NilsBertil Stenvall!

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