Boston USA, the bombing and vessel no. 73

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Last week I got glass vessel no. 73 back from Per Jannok living in Charlestown, Boston Massachusetts USA. Yesterday at least three people have been killed and more than 100 injured in two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

This makes me just so sad, it makes me angry and it makes me wonder what this world of ours is on about. How come a child can be beaten and bullied at school for three years (article in todays local paper from a school in Umeå)? How come conflicts of landrights and such are allowed to continue through generation after generation? How come someone want to kill people they don’t even know, and sometimes even themselves, just to get their message through?

What is this world of ours on about?

I do what I can in my own little sphere. I send my vessels around the world to hopefully light a sparkle of curiosity of us living in the north and the Sami people. Curiosity, in contrast to fear, often result in broader knowledge and understanding. The vessels are made out of glass. Forever strong if looked after according to its needs – yet, fragile and gone in a split of a second if not taken care of. Like a human being. Like an ancient culture. Like the nature on our planet earth.

PS. Per is fine. He was there in the city but just walked to the metro at the time of the bombing.

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