Reykjavik Iceland

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Many thanks to the Embassy of Sweden in Reykjavik Iceland and Christina Nilroth who took care of vessel no. 56.
Photos by Christer Hultqvist.

My absolute favourite musician right now is from Iceland. His name is Ólafur Arnalds and here you find a youtube link to Only the Winds live from a performance at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop!! in Austin Texas.

Update about Swedish embassies, Belarus and the journey abroad

Vessel no.40 and the Swedish ambassador is staying at home…

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I got a mail from the Swedish embassy in Minsk Belarus and they wrote that they have to refrain from taking part in this interesting art project due to a number of circumstances. We all know Lukashenko expelled the Swedish ambassador in Belarus in the beginning of August and Sweden’s diplomats can no longer stay in the country. The fear of human rights by Lukashenko reaches new heights, wrote the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt on Twitter shortly after. It is countries like Belarus that really should take part of the story and work of 100 MIGRATORY so I feel sorry this glass vessel no. 40/100M, intended for Belarus, has to stay at home in Sweden. Just like the Swedish ambassador of Belarus…

However, I am happy the embassy in Russia will take care of a vessel, even if the Swedish embassy in Moscow is a closed area for the public.

So 24 Swedish embassies are going to receive a vessel of glass part of 100 MIGRATORY within the next few months – as a loan for up to half a year. Photos from the different countries and embassies will later be part of the final exhibition January – May 2014 at the museum of Västerbotten in Umeå Sweden. Several private persons will also be part of the art project, as a “caretaker” of a vessel  each.

Today I have no. 70 in the Netherlands, no.17 in Norway, no. 41 in Switzerland, no.14 in Spain, no. 56 leaving for Iceland and no. 88 for China. And I’m home in Tärnaby with vessel no.40.

Just returned…

… from a week of lectures, networking and meetings in Stockholm. Seeking for sponsors for the project – specially the freight of the hundred vessels to Swedish embassies and consulates around the world. Not an easy task to battle – and it just takes so much of my time. Had meetings at the Swedish Institute and at the Living History FORUM, however very tricky to get some help from State and Government Institutions for this project.

 …and I fitted in a visit at Yasuragi Hasseludden with vessel no. 56/100M and my childhood best friend Annmari – to celebrate her birthday. So needed and just so good. Strongly recommended!


Tomorrow I will bring vessel no. 56/100M to Stockholm for the Västerbotten County Days at Grand Hotel. On Tuesday the 24th of January I will hold a presentatíon about me and my work as well as a short introduction to the project 100 MIGRATORY. I will talk about the importance of a center, a calm secure core in each one of us and I will explain why I chose the material of glass and the form of a vessel. There are several presentations from the remote mountain area of Hemavan Tärnaby and the afternoon presentations  are mainly for invited. However, the general public are very welcome (if enough space) between 1PM – 5PM.

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