100 MIGRATORY in New York 2019

Three vessels part of 100 MIGRATORY was exhibitied at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New York City in November 2019. It was vessel no 68/100M, 74/100M and 99/100M as well as “Clear as Crystal V” . Monica L Edmondson was selected as one of the businesses to exhibit  at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New York City in November 2019. The show was initiated by Arctic Design of Sweden – a regional project to introduce high-quality design from the north of Sweden for an international market.

It is a story behind each vessel of glass, sculpture in stone, urban glass façade or wallpaper pattern. It can be a story to remind us of our own – as well as natures’ – fragility and strength, a story which explores questions of identity and migration or a story to connect traditional Sami crafts or local history with art in an urban context. I live in Tärnaby, north-west Sweden where I have my glass studio and workshop.

I was also invited to present my art and the Sami culture at Urban Glass, Brooklyn

Exhibition and artist talk at Konsthallen Luleå

Come and experience part of 100 MIGRATORY at Konsthallen, Kulturens Hus Luleå.
I have 17 vessels and three images by Carl-Johan Utsi part of the show.
Welcome to the opening night Friday the 20th of October at 6 PM.
On Saturday at 2 PM you can hear my presentation about past, present and future work at the same venue.


Link to program here (in Swedish)

Royal visit @ exhibition 100 MIGRATORY

Royal visit @ exhibition 100 MIGRATORY

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On Friday the 31st of January I had the pleasure to talk the the Swedish Crownprincess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel. I explained the thoughts behind the glass, the vessel and my art work 100 MIGRATORY at the same time media from Sweden and all over the world were there to get some pics of the Royals. The plane from Stockholm was delayed and in the meantime I had to take some photos myself of the media waiting. All other photos by Gunilla Nordlund, Sveriges Radio. Thank you Gunilla!

And if you wonder: Victoria has an injury from the end of last year skiing in the Alps.

Presentation @ Grand Hotel Stockholm

Have a look at the presentation I held at the opening day of Västerbotten @ Grand Hotel Stockholm (13 minutes – in Swedish). Some images and info about my work, 100 MIGRATORY & how it is to work world-wide as an artist from a remote mountain area of north Sweden – Tärnaby.

YouTube link here

100 MIGRATORY at Almedalen seminar

almedalshjartan312pxWelcome to  “Culture driven growth” at Almedalen Visby Gotland Sweden Friday the 5th of July 09.00 – 12.00 in which the artproject 100 MIGRATORY take part. The seminar is organised by Region Västerbotten and Umeå2014.

The annual Almedalen Week is Sweden’s most intense political forum. Last year Umeå2014 got lots of attention with a well-attended seminar. Link to the program here.
Newslink att Oddasat.se

Some images of vessel no.63/100M from the lecture that day.



Photo: Mats-Rune Bergström

A somewhat different glass and Grand Hotel Stockholm

On the 14th of January I will participate in the opening day, with presentations and dinner at Västerbottensdagarna Grand Hotel Stockholm. You can find me in the showroom and see images from the art project 100 MIGRATORY.

Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi

Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi

Glass vessel no.53/100M is on display in the showroom during this day – the same vessel you can see above in this beautiful image by Carl-Johan Utsi located close to Sijddojávrre lake in February 2012.

There is a special story surrounding vessel no. 53/100M.

After blowing and annealing the vessels in the kiln I coldwork the surface of the glass by grinding it with diamond wheels. I do this to make the surface more light absorbant instead of reflective. Some might think I’m mad to spend so much time on each of these 100 vessels as I start with a 100 grit wheel, followed by a 360 wheel and finally polish with a 600 diamond cutting wheel. For me it is essential for the final impression of the work. However, four of the hundered vessels have a reflective, not wheelcut, surface.

Anyway, while wheelcutting no. 53/100M  I discovered a separation crack on the inside that I had not seen while hotworking and blowing the vessel. I felt just so dissapointed – yet another vessel I couldn’t use. Then I started to think about the project as a whole and about the vessel of glass that represents us as human beings. Some of us can have ‘cracks’ on the inside that are not visable from the outside. Cracks that don’t effect the overall impression and lifespan, if healed / annealed properly, yet it’s always there…

So, this vessel no.53 is just as important and part of the project as any of the other vessels.

World EXPO 2012 Yeosu South Korea

Last February some of the glass vessels in the art project 100 MIGRATORY was part of the Sámi Design and Fashion Extravaganza show at Icehotel Jukkasjärvi north Sweden. Now the film from Icehotel is going to be on show, by the Swedish Trade Council, at the opening the 12th of May of Världsutställningen World EXPO 2012 at Yeosu South Korea. The film was made by Carl-Johan Utsi.

Anja Pärson, Ingemar Stenmark and 100 MIGRATORY

Photo: Marianne Lindgren

It was the night of the nights in Tärnaby with the visit of the World Champion alpine skiers Anja Pärson and Ingemar Stenmark at the opening of the international alpine races Ingemartrofén. It was a top opportunity for the worlds most successful ski club Tärna IK Fjällvinden, together with the local business alliance called PR-föreningen, to say thank you and good luck to Anja Pärson in her future persuits. She recently retired from professional  alpine racing. The club and the business alliance gave one of the hundred vessels (part of the art project 100 MIGRATORY) as a thank you gift to both Anja and Ingemar. Anja is now the owner of no. 61/100 M ( 19 world championship medals plus 42 gold medals in World Cup races). Ingemar Stenmark recieved no. 86/100M ( he won 86 World Cup races during his career). However, they can take ownership of their glass vessels first after the final exhibition of 100 MIGRATORY in 2014, as the vessels have yet some world-wide journeys to undertake before then.

Read article in Västerbotten-Kuriren

Speaker at Future Day in Hemavan Tärnaby

Photo: Marianne Lindgren

Yesterday, the locals around Hemavan Tärnaby had a chanse to get a feel of vessel no. 32/100M as well as a breif glimpse of the expedition of the hundered vessels of glass into the Ulldevis mountains during my presentation at the Future Day. Some of the other speakers were Ola Skinnarmo, the first Swede to reach the North Pole 1998 solo on skis (and the youngest ever) as well as the first Swedish person to ski to the South pole two years later. Peder Karlsson, Joeström Tärnaby, was another speaker. He is living his normal life as a father, husband and schoolteacher in music at the same time he is sleeping 100 nights, in the middle of winter, outdoor under the northern light, in a tent or inside an igloo. I don’t know why, but I found the concept of 100 MIGRATORY fitted in well with the overall program that day…


                  Photo: Sofia Svonni

Show with sixteen vessels part of 100 MIGRATORY at Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. A touch stressful beforehand, however a good show in the end. Thanks to my models; Inga Kemi, Hanna Salomonsson, Birgit Salomonsson and Sara Parfa Svonni. You were all pros!! One image posted now, but better ones to come…

The vessels were no. 6,10,13,15,18,25,34,41,48,53,55,63,64,66,67,74,and 80.

The article in the local paper Norrbottens-Kuriren.

Sami Design and Fashion Extravaganza!!!

Welcome to this design and fashion show at the ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi north Sweden on the 29th of February 2012.

All of you are invited, however Icehotel charge an entry fee of 150 SEK.


The project “Business development in the boundless region of Lapland” presents together with Icehotel Jukkasjärvi Sweden a unique Sami Design and Fashion Extravaganza show, where several of my glass vessels are on display. 

The vessels in the show at Icehotel Jukkasjärvi are part of the extensive art project 100 MIGRATORY- a local and world wide related installation about origin and migration.  100 MIGRATORY will be exhibited at the Museum of Västerbotten in the Cultural City of Europe Umeå 2014. 


Opening solo show Röhsska Museum Gothenburg

Welcome to the opening of my solo show titled Murrini à la Gávlos at Röhsska Mueum Gotheburg Sweden. The opening is part of Röhsskas program to celebrate the Sami National Day on the 6th of February 2012. I will hold a lecture about my work at 5.15 PM, where I also present vessel no. 24/100M, followed by the opening at 6PM on Monday the 6th of February. During the presentation I will talk briefly about the project 100 MIGRATORY. 
Program 6th of February at Röhsska Museum
Röhsska Museum 


Tomorrow I will bring vessel no. 56/100M to Stockholm for the Västerbotten County Days at Grand Hotel. On Tuesday the 24th of January I will hold a presentatíon about me and my work as well as a short introduction to the project 100 MIGRATORY. I will talk about the importance of a center, a calm secure core in each one of us and I will explain why I chose the material of glass and the form of a vessel. There are several presentations from the remote mountain area of Hemavan Tärnaby and the afternoon presentations  are mainly for invited. However, the general public are very welcome (if enough space) between 1PM – 5PM.

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