Here we come!

Photo Carl Johan Utsi

Finally the moment is here. The hundred vessels are packed and ready to take off on their first journey, starting at their “home” in the mountains of Uldevis, north of the Arctic Circle Sweden. Three snowmobiles, boxes, trailers, cameras, firewood, food for a week, warm clothes, a generator for charging batteries, sleeping bags etc etc. Leaving from Tärnaby in 1½ day from now and I have only packed the glass…help!!!

 I have two top photographers, Carl-Johan Utsi Jokkmokk and Micke Rutberg Umeå, with me. Carl-Johan is going to work with the vessels in the space and in the snow – to try to capture the moments I want to express in this project 100 MIGRATORY. The need of a warm secure core, a fire, in this vast winter white space and world. Micke will document the work of me and Carl-Johan with the vessels. Images that will be part of a journal theMuseum of Västerbotten publish in the beginning of 2014.

Thanks to Sirges sameby that let us use the Biesnes hut for this project. Much appreciated!

 To be continued…

One response

  1. Best wishes on your winter journey Monica!

    This is an inspirational project you are undertaking and I look forward to following where it leads.

    Cheers from Canada.

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