Part I. The story of a strong unforgettable photo journey into the mountains

I’m back to civilization after four days with the best team of photographers, Carl-Johan Utsi and Micke Rutberg, and my hundred vessels. I still haven’t been able to catch up with it all, I’m still tired and the impressions from the trip are still in that unorganized mode in my head where they float around, creating heaps of strong feelings.

 It is flashes of boxes and boxes of glass, powerful snowmobiles and bubblewrap trying to take off in the wind. The fox that came around each day having a feast of the reindeer that sadly died not far from the hut. Wind and snow that made my glass become part of the mountain. Gourmet dinners in candle light and a deep sleep obtained after I realised I need to use earplugs due to a loud snoring photographer. Millions of stars, two frostbitten fingers, and a strong beautiful áhkko who left an unforgettable impression on the last day. I think this journey of the hundred vessels into their so called home, their core, really wanted to work out to its best. So many things can go wrong but this journey just wanted to be good. And the weather was just as we ordered; cold harsh windy snowy sunny and just so beautiful.

The day before. Saturday 11th of February 2012

 Micke and I took off from Tärnaby to Gällivare, almost 500 km north, where we were going to do some shopping at the supermarket and spend the night with my parents. We stopped in Kåbdalis to visit Kristina Unga-Pirak and Marie Nygårds bageri och lanthandel, and it was like the centre of the world! There I met many friends I haven’t seen for ages and Micke got a good story told of his old camper-van (previously owned by Lars Pirak) told by Lars’ son Mikael.

To be continued…

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