…a scream like a young girl in a silly horror movie

It’s not often I scream out loud, but this morning I got a strange surprise when I got to my studio. It was a dead squirrel on the floor in my office and the fact I almost walked on it before I saw it, made me scream like a young girl in a silly horror movie. I looked around and I could track the squirrel´s way around the workshop by all the shit left on the floor and in/on some glass. This poor little one had some humor though – leaving a rather large poo on an invoice from the phone company Telia…

It was test pieces of glass and a bought wineglass I use for test engraving, crushed on the floor. Other glass objects and vessles tipped over and it was shit even on som vertical glass pieces (how on Earth it got there). It looked like the squirrel had been everywhere in my studio except on the big table in the middle with all glass vessels belonging to 100 MIGRATORY. Some kind of other forces also made the little squirrel to take a loop around the reserved and sold vessels in the window and on another desk. And I can tell you – it’s magic no vessels of the hundered broke! In case one of them tipped over on the large table – it would be a domino effect and probably half of them would roll onto the concrete floor.

Magic is all I can say!

Rest in peace little squirrel and Thanks to whatever other forces which help my glass vessels to continue it’s path towards the exhibition next year.

PS. The squirrel must have sneeked into the studio last weekend when my husband helped me to lift in a new crate of Bullseye glass.

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