Prague Czech Republic

In the end of the 90’s I studied for a visual arts degree at Canberra School of Art, Australian National University. During one night (I can’t remember why we were there), around the Aboriginal Tent Embassy outside the Old Parliament House, I met this couple from Sweden. It happened to be Titti and Rolf Ericsson. Rolf was working at the Embassy of Sweden and we had much to talk about and Titti and I realized that we were from the same hometown above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, Gällivare.

During the years we have met now and then. Sometimes by chance, like at a reception in the Embassy of Australia Stockholm. Or like in more recent years in Prague, where my husband and I could stay with Rolf at the embassy during the setup and opening of a glass show I was invited to take part in.

Now Rolf and the Embassy of Sweden in Prague has been the caretaker of this vessel no. 52/100M. And it is a wonderful story and  wonderful images from the Czech Republic. Enjoy!

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