230 guests, a wedding, a Princess and vessel no 14

230 guests, a wedding, a Princess and vessel no 14

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Read this marvellous story of vessel no. 14 from Palma de Mallorca Spain. Thank you Ulf and Andreu! All photos by Peter Ericson.

The vessel number 14 has been on Palma de Mallorca in Spain. In the home of Ulf Bernström from Storuman, Sweden and Andreu Bover Bover from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

They are 2 gay men, 47 and 49 years. They have both their own story about beeing gay. They have similar challenges when young in their hometowns and also the process of coming out. There are definitely similarities but the law in the different home countries were different then.

When Ulf came out at 27, the possibility to marry, get children was not there. Also the social acceptance was not as developed then in Sweden.  For Andreu that had been brought up under the dictator Franco’s regime it was more challenging  as the law was more drastic then in Sweden.

The social challenges and also the challenges for the families and friends were present then. But now Ulf & Andreu are married. All their families and friends were present celebrating this, for Ulf & Andreu monumental moment.

Vessel nr 14 was also there and had an important role.

The wedding was on the 25th of may 2013 in Palma de Mallorca. 230 guests from 11 nationalities even HRH Princess Birgitta from Sweden was there as Ulf is a personal friend.

The ceremony started with a symbolic offering from closest family and marriage witnesses. The offering gifts represented what the family and witnesses wanted for the future marriage between Andreu & Ulf.

The glass vessel had a strong symbolic value. The importance of a suecure and warm nucleus of every individual as well as tolerance and respect.  The couple break boundaries and barriers. And to participate in this world wide project dealing with the notion of origin and migration is important for them. The 100 glass vessels departed on a return journey living 100 different migration histories; their Mediterranean – Nordic union represent one with vessel nr 14. Witnesses Denise from Brasil and Nando from Argentina carried it in the ceremony.

The other symbolic gifts where, from the mothers of Ulf & Andreu, Ingrid and Antonia. They gave the wedding rings with wish of lots of love. The rings represent unity and commitment.

The fathers Bo and Antonio gave 2 trees, a Mediterranean olive and a Swedish birch from Tärnaby They symbolise the union of the 2 families with deep roots and new green leaves.

Witnesses Tone from Norway and Tobias from Sweden gave 2 apples that symbolised the wish of health and wellness

Antonia from Mallorca and Nuno from Portugal gave a three-dimensional puzzle to symbolise the ability to continue to learn and be creative in front of the challenges arising in life.

Wendy from England and Anette form Sweden came with flowers as a reminder that there is always something to celebrate.

Jaray from Thailand and Lina from Norway gave a protective birds nest that symbolise that a warm home is much more that a place.

Miguel from Colombia and Antonia from Mallorca gave red balloons to symbolise Shared hopes, dreams and illusions.

So vessel 14 has strong values attached. It is a marriage between to men from different countries and cultures. A marriage completely accepted under the laws of Sweden and Spain. It represents an act of union and commitment between Ulf & Andreu but above all happiness and freedom.

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