Nils Gaup

Oscarnominated filmdirector and actor Nils Gaup (nominated for best foreign film – Pathfinder – in 1988) was with me for a day in Umeå in the end of last week, to help me sharpen my thoughts about 100 MIGRATORY and the final exhibition.

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We went to the Museum of Västerbotten where the exhibition is going to take place February – May 2014 . The actual exhibition room of 300 square meters is currently under reconstruction and pretty messy. However, it was great to get Nils feedback about the room, the light and the glass.  He thought the previous plans we made for the project are totally on the right track and the confirmation by Nils made me so happy and confident that-  yes, this will be fine Monica.

All the time I learn so much and I realise we all have so much experience and knowledge within our specific fields. And when we get together, now and then, I feel I just get sucked in by this endless positive creative spiral with no limits…

…and it’s not every day it’s a happy creative feeling with no limitations working as an artist – that’s for sure!

So lets meet more often, you guys out there, and share our experiences within the cultural fields of art, literature, design, crafts, music, theatre, photo, dance, film and so on… It is endless what we can create and express together.

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