Twenty children and six adults killed on planet Earth

Twenty children and six adults died when a gunman rampaged through a primary school in Newtown, Connecticut USA, firing a semi-automatic rifle before killing himself” wrote BBC today.

I just feel so sad about this and left with lots of questions. How come this can happen on our beautiful planet Tellus in the year of 2012? On a planet where we work out guts off to discover cures to cancer, prevent global warming and encourage research on mental illness? And within a blink – all those lives we save by our “clever society” is killed by a desperate 20-year old.

Ok, the gun laws of the US could be changed to the better – but will that be enough to prevent another desperate killing in the future? I don’t think the major problem is that easy to solve as long as we don’t dare to look at ourselves as part of human beings, Homo sapiens, together living on this earth named Tellus. Each one of us unique and with different identities. Yet, part of a larger context .

How can we prevent these disasters to happen again?

I do what I can…

Read blog from the White House about the killing here

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