Anja Pärson, Ingemar Stenmark and 100 MIGRATORY

Photo: Marianne Lindgren

It was the night of the nights in Tärnaby with the visit of the World Champion alpine skiers Anja Pärson and Ingemar Stenmark at the opening of the international alpine races Ingemartrofén. It was a top opportunity for the worlds most successful ski club Tärna IK Fjällvinden, together with the local business alliance called PR-föreningen, to say thank you and good luck to Anja Pärson in her future persuits. She recently retired from professional  alpine racing. The club and the business alliance gave one of the hundred vessels (part of the art project 100 MIGRATORY) as a thank you gift to both Anja and Ingemar. Anja is now the owner of no. 61/100 M ( 19 world championship medals plus 42 gold medals in World Cup races). Ingemar Stenmark recieved no. 86/100M ( he won 86 World Cup races during his career). However, they can take ownership of their glass vessels first after the final exhibition of 100 MIGRATORY in 2014, as the vessels have yet some world-wide journeys to undertake before then.

Read article in Västerbotten-Kuriren

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