Part III The story of a strong unforgettable photo journey into the mountains


Day three. Tuesday the 14th of February

I felt very glamorous this morning when I put on my mascara and lipgloss. We were going to start the day by taking some outdoor “studio” photos of me in my Sámi national costume in the snow. Then we took off further southwest with a crate of glass and our packs with food for lunch. It was a strange feeling as we were kind of racing with the clouds and bad weather. You could see the weather rolling in behind us through the valley but our snowmobiles were faster. It was just so beautiful, with sparkling crystals of light flying around in the air and snow covered northern kind of ‘bonsai’ trees. We ended up at Sijddojávrre and got some work done with the vessels and some high alpine peaks of Sarek National Park as a backdrop.

Driving back to the hut I experienced a strong moment from this trip. This very clear, strong and beautiful face of a person came towards me. I could see it was a large rock, but it wasn’t a rock. It was this beautiful respectful Sami person. I thought of stopping to take a photo, but had a feeling I shouldn’t. Don’t take, just tell was the message. Later I realised it was a woman. Neither Carl-Johan or Micke had seen her from their snowmobile just in front of me.

Back to the hut we boiled some reindeer meat for dinner, so delicious! I had forgotten how tiring it is to drive a snowmobile (even if we didn’t drive that far at all) and I want to give all my respect to people that are depending on the snowmobile for their work outdoor in winter. That night I was very tired and fell asleep early to the sound of Carl-Johan and Micke talking.

Day four. Wednesday the 15th of February

Morning conversation about the lack of a scent of raspberry in the hut… And yes, I didn’t smell like raspberry either I suppose 😉 Packing and cleaning the hut and driving back to the cars. Lunch in Porjus and goodbye to each other for this time. I was just so tired. Thanks to Sirges sameby who let us use the Biesnes hut! And I give all my heart’s thank-you to Carl-Johan Utsi who organised most of the logistics for this journey.

All of you will be able to look at the images from this trip during the exhibition based on the art project 100 MIGRATORY at theMuseum of Västerbotten in Umeå from January – April 2014. And Micke Rutbergs documentary photos from this trip will be on show in one way or the other too at the museum.

Now it’s time for the next part of the project 100 MIGRATORY. To find a partner that is keen to sponsor part of the freight of the vessels to Swedish embassies and consulates around the world. Any suggestions to solve the freight are very welcome!?

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  1. Mon – you are amazing and can make anyhing happen – incredible project! when do we see more photos or will you save them for exhibition and book.

    all my best

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