100 MIGRATORY – the story of a hundred vessels

Photo: Micke Rutberg

Finally, after 3½ years of work in my glass studio and workshop, the last of the hundred vessels are wheelcut, signed and given its own identity as number 100 of hundered. The vessels are going to be part of a glass, image and sound installation titled 100 MIGRATORY which is to be exhibited for the first time at Västerbottens Museum in Umeå January – April 2014, the year Umeå has been selected as the Cultural City of Europe.

There are lots of thoughts behind this project, so much I want to express. However, I’m not going to talk about that here and now, but I’m sure you will get more of an idea of what I’m on about if you keep reading this blog through the months and years leading up to 2014.

So the first stage of the art project 100 MIGRATORY, to actually make the vessels, is now completed. Three more stages to go before January 2014. Early this winter, soon, I will start stage two; to take my hundred vessels out into what I see is their “home” in the vast winter white mountains north of the Arctic Circle. I am very excited about this week trip into the Ultevis mountains. The serene light of the dark winter, the snow an ice crystals, the cold, tracks, aurora borealis …who knows what will happen!?

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